HLF Documentary Released

Eight years after the HLF convictions, Aljazeera releases a documentary about the HLF case and how it devastated the inmates and families.

Sarah Abdelqader Speaks

The daughter HLF defendant Mufid Abdulqader speaks about her father’s detention in the Communications Management Unit in Marion, Illinois.

Holy Land Foundation Trial: The Real Story

In a video edited by daughters of the Holy Land Five, the following question is asked: Why are these men being punished for their humanitarian work?

Holy Land Foundation: False Convictions

“One of the blackest days in U.S. history happened right under your nose,” states this video, edited by daughters of the Holy Land Five.

Holy Land Foundation: 10 Years Later

This video, edited by daughters of the Holy Land Five, chronicles the last decade of the HLF prosecution through photos.

Holy Land Foundation Trial: Standing in Solidarity

“This trial is a good indication that we live in Orwellian times,” says a peace activist, one of many who attended daily courthouse vigils throughout the HLF trials.

Holy Land Foundation Retrial: Feeding the Homeless

During the HLF trials, justice advocates distributed lunch to the homeless right outside the courthouse, implying that feeding the needy is not a crime.

Holy Land Foundation Trial: A Daughter’s Perspective

“I do not apologize for feeding orphans and needy families,” says Ghassan Elashi, one of the Holy Land Five.

Holy Land Foundation Trial: A Victory for Justice

The first trial ended with zero guilty verdicts. One news anchor called the outcome, “a stunning defeat for the government’s War on Terror.”

Faces of the Holy Land Foundation Trial

Who are those impacted the most by this miscarriage of justice? The families of the Holy Land Five.