March, 2014: US confiscating a quarter of “Holy Land Five” wife’s wages / Electronic Intifada

November, 2013: New evidence hoped to free Holy Land Five / Electronic Intifada

October, 2012: ‘Justice has fled the country’ / Electronic Intifada

October, 2012: SCOTUS to consider fate of jailed Muslim charity leaders /

December, 2011: Muslim charity leaders lose appeal in Hamas case  / Rueters

July, 2010: Holy Land 5 case reveals double standard / Electronic Intifada

May, 2009: Two Holy Land Foundation defendants sentenced to 65 years / Dallas Morning News

November, 2008: Jury Convicts HLF Defendants on All Counts / Texas Lawyer

November, 2008: Holy Land Foundation defendants guilty on all counts / Dallas Morning News

November, 2008: Leaders of Muslim charity found guilty / The Guardian

November, 2008: Five Convicted in Terrorism Financing Trial / New York Times

November, 2008: Jury still out in Holy Land terror-financing trial / Associated Press

November, 2008:  Holy Land trial may have lasting effects / Dallas Morning News

November, 2008: Lawyers Will Be Lawyers, Dumping More on Juries / Wall Street Journal

October, 2008: Double-jeopardy claimed in Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial / Dallas Morning News

June, 2008: Lawyers Battle Over Exhibits HLF Jurors Should Not Have Seen / Texas Lawyer

February, 2008: New trial date set in Holy Land case / Fort Worth Star-Telegram

December, 2007: $156M Terrorism Damage Award Thrown Out / Associated Press

November, 2007: Weak case seen in failed trial of charity / LA Times

November, 2007: Holy Land Family Fights Terrorist Label / Dallas Observer

October, 2007: Holy Land juror: ‘Too many holes’ in case / WFAA-TV

October, 2007: Mistrial in Holy Land terrorism financing case / LA Times

October, 2007: Holy Land jury is told to keep deliberating / Dallas Morning News

September, 2007: Ex-Diplomat Testifies for Muslim Charity / Associated Press

August, 2007: Charity trial witness falters / LA Times

July, 2007: Trial begins for charity [allegedly] tied to Hamas / LA Times

July, 2007: N. Texas Muslims say Holy Land case is political / Dallas Morning News

July, 2004: U.S. indicts Islamic charity on terror charges / CNN

December, 2001: U.S. targets assets of suspected Hamas financiers / CNN

June, 2001: Spitzer Seeks to Force Fund-Raising Data From an Islamic Charity / New York Times

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