• INJUSTICE by Miko Peled published Feb. 6: The Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five

    In 2013 Miko Peled (The General’s Son) began researching the case of the Holy Land Foundation Five including meeting with family members and with the men behind bars themselves. His weaving in of the political backdrop to the outstanding philanthropy of the HLF is helpful for people new to the Palestine cause. Peled presents  with […]

  • Updated Prisoner Addresses

    You can find the most up to date location of where federal prisoners are from this bureau of prisons link. To locate and find inmates, and to write to them you need their Inmate Name & Register Number: Ghassan Elashi 29687-177 Shukri Abu-Baker 32589-177 Mufid Abdulqader 32590-177 Mohammad El-Mezain 92412-198 Abdulrahman Odeh 26548-050 At present […]

  • Latest News

    October  29, 2012. The U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear the Holy Land Foundation case. Their decision marks the end of the judicial process and the continuation of a massive effort to free the Holy Land Five.

The Holy Land Foundation, or the HLF,

was the largest Muslim charity in the United States until the Bush administration shut it down three months after 9/11. After a decade of raids, arrests and trials, the Holy Land Five received sentences ranging from 15 to 65 years.

What is Freedom To Give?

It is the Holy Land Five's official website. Here, you can learn about the HLF Case, which is, in the words of British MP George Galloway, "one of the most monstrous injustices in modern times in America.”


HLF Documentary Released

Eight years after the HLF convictions, Aljazeera releases a documentary about the HLF case and how it devastated the inmates and families.