New evidence hoped to free Holy Land Five

Maureen Clare Murphy Electronic Intifada Fri, 11/01/2013 A motion citing new evidence has been filed to exonerate five humanitarians who are imprisoned in the United States for providing aid to Islamic charities in Palestine, the Muslim Legal Fund of America announced yesterday. The five defendants were prosecuted for their work with the Holy Land Foundation, which was […]

US confiscating a quarter of “Holy Land Five” wife’s wages

Aviva Stahl The Electronic Intifada New York City 11 March 2014 Majida Salem is no stranger to the heavy hand of the US criminal justice system. Her husband, former Holy Land Foundation chairman Ghassan Elashi, is currently serving 65 years after what supporters believe was a politically motivated prosecution. In their 2008 retrial, Elashi and four other men were found […]