Mufid Abdulqader

He was afraid — for his family, for his future, for his life. As Israeli bombs struck the West Bank town of Silwad one gloomy day in 1967, Mr. Abdelqader and his family rushed for safety to the back of a truck. As the vehicle drove, he witnessed a scene that remains imprinted in his brain until this day. It was of dead Palestinians bodies lying on the side of the road. From that point on, Mr. Abdelqader vowed to work for peace and to become “the voice of the voiceless.”

Born in Silwad, Palestine in 1959, Mr. Abdelqader lived much of his young adult life in Kuwait. In 1980, he migrated to the United States to receive a college education and pursue his dreams. He lived in Irving, Texas for a few months before moving to two Oklahoma cities, first Claremore, then Stillwater. To fund his tuition at Oklahoma State University, Mr. Abdelqader briefly worked as a dishwasher at an Italian Restaurant and a cashier at Wendys. He recieved his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1984.

In 1985, he married Diane. He recieved his Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Oklahoma State University in 1994. The family lived in Oklahoma City for several years before finally moving to Richardson, Texas in 1996. He and Diane currently have three daughters.

Since 1996, Mr. Abdelqader has worked for the city of Dallas as a Senior Project Manager in the public works and transportation departments. Driven by his passion to help the less fortunate, Mr. Abdelqader has always had the passion to serve the less fortunate, thus becoming a volunteer for HLF. An inspirational speaker for Dallas-area high schools, a family counselor and a singer, Mr. Abdelqader has this to say about the HLF case:

“I am very optimistic and hopeful that things will work out in this case. We are a great nation with great people who believe in justice and fairness and who will stand up for the principles of our constitution. I pray for justice and that the rule of law — not politics — will prevail.”

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